Tuesday, June 21, 2011

our girl working hard

OK, my fears about Hannah not being put to work and maximizing her time in rehab are being shot down left and right.  Today they had her riding an adaptive bike and in the stander out on the playground.  Below are two clips-a shout out to Kim, her PT at home-wanted to be sure you can see how awesome she is doing and get that new bike ordered for her asap for when she gets home:) (video quality not great as B filmed from his phone)

I guess B said today was a little more of a sad day for H, missing me big time and probably also wiped out from the late nights (her roommate stays up late unfortunately) and all the work she's been doing during the day.  To be expected; she won't be perky all the time.  But tomorrow I'll be headed back with Sam and Isabelle.  It's hard to be away but it's been a very good respite for me, to be back in the "land of the living" a little bit.  Anyone who's spent any kind of time in a hospital knows how tough it can be on the soul...

And without further ado, here's our wonder girl:


Kim said...

These videos are great! Hannah is working so hard but at least is using some fun tools. Looks like there is a back support with laterals on the bike. We didn't plan on that for her bike. Can you ask the PT if she thinks Hannah will still need those when she goes home? I will amend the bike order if she may need them. We can remove them later if she doesn't.


MapleMama said...

Go Hannah Go! Go Hannah Go!