Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ode to Maggie

We sadly had to put down our just-shy-of-16 year old dog yesterday which has been a long time coming as she has been in a steady decline for about a year now, but which suddenly accelerated over the weekend.  This timing is surreal: wondering if she picked up on the vibes around here and was sending us the message that this was one journey she was going to sit out.

Miss Maggie Magnolia has been with me on every adventure I've taken since I got her 15 years ago in San Francisco, when I was 24.  We've been out west and back east, done the city thing and the country thing.  Gone running, camping, hiking and road tripping.  She's taken a back seat to the human kids in the family since the girls were born but has still been a mainstay, a toenail clicking on the wood floors presence for so long that the silence of her absence is deafening.

I know now why they say this is the hardest thing about having dogs, and something you just don't comprehend until you go through it.  I've been through a lot these past five years and have known some tough times, but putting Maggie down was tough tough tough and I'm feeling pretty sad about it.

I will miss my sweet Maggie, and picture her moving into her next life, young and spry and full of piss and vinegar and ready for her next adventure.

Goodbye good girl.


Mars said...

Oh, Maggie, how we will miss you! Through my tears I can see you visiting CSO, clambering over rocks by the river during after-hours adventures, and always being a companion to your loyal mama. You have been a friend to countless humans and dogs over the years, and your spirit will live on in our hearts. Peace, Maggie!

MapleMama said...

I can only imagine how hard it was to say goodbye to Miss Maggie, but I'd like to think this will allow her to "be" at Hannah's bedside tomorrow.

Love to you all!!