Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Ramp

We had planned to host a "Team Hannah Day": invites went out, people signed up, B was deep in the design and materials stage. Then a friend of mine, doing a little research for me to see if anyone would donate or help out with the cost of materials, learned that a local Lions Club would actually come out and build and install the ramp for free!

Given that time and money is limited around here, we were really thrilled and within two weeks of making contact with them, 3 members of the Club came out and outfitted our back deck with a schnazzy new ramp. Hannah is thrilled (so is Isabelle, and also Maggie, our arthritic old dog!) and life is good.

Thank you, Lions Club!!!

(In these pictures, the ramp was not totally complete which is why the railings aren't all up. Don't worry, the finished product is up to code!)


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Paula, Melissa's friend in Ithaca. The girls are sooo cute, and I'm glad to hear you are feeling okay. Great to hear that the Lions' Club helped out with this. You might know about this already, but you may also want to get in touch with your local Independent Living Center; these places specialize in adaptive technology.

BusyLizzyMom said...

Wow that is so nice that they were able to do that and it gives Hannah so much more independence.