Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Squeaks and scratches

A lighter post to bring some levity to the blog after yesterday's downer:

Living in the north country, once the weather settles into a regular routine of cold snaps and hard frosts, all living things seek shelter. This includes mice. If you live in an old house like we do (circa 1900) there are all kinds of points of entry for these little critters to come on in, so we have a regular routine of setting traps this time of year.

But one place where we always forget to set a trap is the car. It's the perfect spot for a mouse, what with the cozy car seats and the leftover cracker crumbs everywhere. And the napkins and tissues in the glove compartment make for a perfect nest.

Today on the way to hippotherapy, I opened the glove compartment and saw the telltale signs of torn up napkins and mouse turds. Sweet. I also heard scratching and squeaking. I just prayed the bugger wouldn't pop it's head out and race across the dashboard before I could get home.

I'm sorry to say that once B gets home tonight with some more traps, your time will come my little friend. Such is the way of life in these parts...

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