Saturday, May 24, 2008

Special adventure day

We decided that on Saturdays when Hannah has hippotherapy, B and I would take turns bringing her and the other parent would have a special date with Isabelle. I debated far too long about how to frame this for the girls. We've always talked about taking them out individually for one-on-one time but I anticipated doing this when they were a little bit older and they would understand and appreciate the concept of having time apart from one another and with just one parent at a time.

We have this calendar that my mom got the girls and it has the days of the week, the dates, and little tags for things like birthdays or holidays or the catch-all "special day." The girls and I put the calendar up on Thursday and stuck the special day tag on Saturday's spot. I told them this was going to be their special adventure day, and each of them would get a chance to do something special with either Mommy or Daddy. I repeated it to them a couple of times and they started to get pretty excited about it.

Today when I dropped off B and Isabelle for their date (they went to an aquarium/science center) they both seemed a little confused, but when Hannah and I met up with them again for lunch, everyone seemed happy. Neither girl was that interested in or aware of what the other one did (ah, to be a egocentric two year old!) which was a huge relief to me. And not only did the girls have fun, but B and I each had a rare opportunity to spend some quality time bonding with one of the girls and getting a brief glimpse into the world of singleton parenting (better not to spend too much time there or we'd come back to twinlandia seriously depressed...)

I already shared some pics of Hannah's special adventure day, but here's one from Isabelle's.

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