Friday, December 14, 2007

Snowed in

The snow just keeps coming here. We have at least 6" on the ground, it's snowing lightly right now, and I guess more is headed our way over the weekend. Here's how we're spending our days this winter, both inside and out.

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Melissa said...

Could your girls be ANY cuter? Sheesh, if you have to be snowed in, at least you are snowed in with the cutest twin girls I have ever seen!

Seriously, though, I am sure you are all going stir crazy. Here's one idea I use when we have long days stuck inside. Turn the heat up so the house is a little warmer than usual and let the girls hang out in their diapers. Do you have any old vinyl shower curtains or tablecloths? Spread one out over the floor and pour something really, really messy all over it and let the girls loose! You can use water (with or without food coloring), sand, peanut butter (if no allergies), etc. Finish up with a warm bath and a some cuddling and story time. It will help make the long days more silly and fun! Clean up is pretty easy, too!

By the way, your previous post really touched me. Each time I think I am making progress coping with my feelings about the boys' needs, someone says something that hurts and makes me reel. They never (rarely) mean to be hurtful, but it stings none the less.

Take care.