Saturday, December 15, 2007

Breakfast with Santa

We took the girls up to the pub and brewery in town, where the local cheerleading squad was hosting their annual pancake breakfast with Santa, complete with a three piece brass band playing all the holiday favorites. It was really fun and the girls were so excited to see the big guy, but when it came time to get up close to him, they decided they were less certain about it than they'd earlier thought.

Because they were too scared for us to put them down, we have no pictures of them with Santa, except one taken by the organizers of the event which they printed out for us. So I can't post any on our blog, except this cute one of B and the girls before we sat down to eat. (Note how excited they seem...I wish I had an "AFTER" pic to show how quickly that excitement turned to fear!) I guess that's the way it goes at this age.

The best part was that before we left, we snuck a few presents under the tree from their cousins (we aren't able to make it to B's family holiday party this weekend and won't be bringing them down with us to my parents' house next weekend). So they were thrilled to see that after they met Santa, they came home to find presents under the tree. I don't know who was more excited, me or them! They got some nice new things to play with which will help us get through the snowy cold weather, I'm sure.

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