Monday, November 21, 2011

One grumpy "supermama"


Some time ago, I copied this piece another mom wrote somewhere in the blogosphere, about this notion that other people look to her like she has some kind of super powers because she is raising a child with a disability.  I can't find it right now, but I wish I could.  I'm feeling a little prickly lately about being held up as this example of great, positive parenting in a difficult situation.

I'm prickly because when people say, "I don't know how you do it," I think to myself, "Really? How could you NOT do it, if this were your child?" Or I think, "Is our situation so dire, so pitiful, that you are amazed anyone could possibly handle it without falling apart at the seams?" I get prickly because I feel like I'm not allowed to be less than super;  that if I were a super mama, I would not get frustrated the way I sometimes do, with how slow Hannah moves or how hard some things are for her or what a challenge it can be to travel because she is less independent in places not specifically set up for her.

I guess I am having some pre-holiday, less daylight hours up north grumpiness.  Despite how great Hannah is doing since her surgery, and how much progress we see on a regular basis, she still has CP and we're just plodding along trying to make the best of it, and it is still is, and always will be, hard.


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Amy said...

HUG! My 8-year-old has CP too. She is is the light of my life, but I totally could have written this post. I so understand whay you mean. I am feeling a lot like you are this holiday season.