Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The power of dreams

In general, I'm a pretty avid dreamer. People who know me well (esp my husband who has the pleasure of sleeping beside me every night) know that it's not out of the ordinary for me to talk, walk, yell or do other crazy things while I sleep. I guess that's where I work it all out.

Lately I've been having dreams of Hannah: two were of her walking; just stepping away from her walker and taking steps. And the third and most recent was of her crawling on all 4s (something she has never done; she can only commando crawl). All of these dreams are so vivid and the happy, feel-good-feelings last with me all day.

Who knows, maybe they will come true. But more importantly, I think they're a sign that I have hope for Hannah's future, no matter what happens.

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Jacolyn said...

I've had those same dreams. I don't want to wake up.