Sunday, May 11, 2008

Accessible playspaces

It's only recently that I've become more tuned into accessibility now that we're taking Hannah's walker out and about with us. And it is incredible what a difference it can make when we visit a place that has been deliberately set up so that people of all abilities can take full advantage.

We've been at my parents' house for a week now and we've had the chance to explore two such places: the handicapped accessible playground near their home and the amazing Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.

Wide open spaces, ramps, surfaces that are easy to push walkers or wheelchairs on...all of these are things that I may not have paid attention to and now welcome with such appreciation. I'm not sure Hannah is old enough to notice these considerations but from my perspective, I see her able to explore and interact with other kids in a way that she can't when she has to be carried around. She can be more independent, curious and engaged with the things going on around her. And it changes my experience as well. It's physically less demanding on me and emotionally less frustrating. After tasting the "good life," I'm on a mission now to seek out these kinds of places around our own home.

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Melissa said...

I love those pics! The water table looks just like the one at the Science Center I took my boys to this weekend. They had a ball! The accessible playground looks very much like one we have near our house. It is wonderful because Riley can get to everything using his walker, but I still have a devil of a time keeping track of both of them! It's nice to have a "typical" twin mommy problem for a change, though, rather than always worrying about their special needs!

I am so glad you had a fun trip!