Saturday, March 22, 2008

Glamour girl

The girls got new sunglasses-even though we still have close to a foot of snow on the ground in some spots and it's barely cracked freezing all week, the sun can get pretty bright reflecting off the snow and they've been complaining that it's TOO bright (curse them: I say MORE SUN! MORE SUN!)

Here's Hannah all bundled up to go outside sporting her new shades. Look out world, here comes my glamour girl! (Isabelle looked very glamorous too I might add, but she refused to let me take her picture)


Melissa said...

Too cute! She looks totally comfy now with her walker, too! How does she do with it outside? We haven't used Riley's outside too much yet and I am eager to see how he does.

Jacolyn said...

Great hat and glasses!