Friday, February 1, 2008

Potty Training 101

So today, both girls peed in their little potty! This is amazing on many levels, first and foremost because I haven't done much at all in the way of potty training. I just haven't felt like dealing with it. I know that with some effort they could probably both be trained; they are interested and have all the right vocabulary and totally know what's going on in their diapers. But it's the dead of winter, I have other things on my mind, and I just haven't really felt like it. The girls and I will be going down to my parents' house in early May, for two weeks, and I had sort of decided that is when I'd train them, because I'd have extra help and it would be warm out so they could run around with no pants on.

For whatever reason though, I decided yesterday to start putting them on the potty a few times a day and asking them if they had to go. I figured, why not?

The first time, Isabelle was waaay into it and could have sat on the bowl forever. She said to B, "Daddy, go away," like she needed her privacy. It was pretty funny. But nothing happened. And Hannah was very wary and almost afraid of it.

Then today, Isabelle sat down and she actually peed a little bit. I got so excited, and so did she. Then Hannah tried, but nothing happened. Isabelle was right there to cheer her on, though: she squatted down in front of Hannah, rubbed her leg and said, "Are you going pee pee, Hannah? I'll help you." She is such a piece of work. Then she grabbed some toilet paper and tried to wipe for Hannah. I put a stop to that pretty quickly!

Anyway, later in the day I let them try going again, and Hannah was so excited to try and as soon as I put her down, she peed a good bit. Her expression was priceless: at first, it was like she was totally shocked and surprised! But then she started giggling like crazy and was really proud of herself.

I'm sure it won't be this easy, but with such quick victory under our belts, I think maybe we'll keep trying this out and see what happens. My little girls are growing up!

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