Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy holidays!

We just got back from being down at my parents' for a week, hence the hiatus in my posting. We had a great visit and the girls were amazingly good travelers (my parents live 8 hours away so it's a hike). We've had some pretty rough road trips in the past so this was a very welcome change.

I have a few cute holiday photos to share and plan to write a longer post in a few days once we get settled back into our routine. There are some shots of the note and the girls left for Santa and the one he wrote back; a picture of Hannah with Grammie, sitting up so straight and admiring a new toy, Isabelle in her braids complements of Grammie (I have to learn how to do that!), and both girls using their new art supplies.

Here's to a peaceful new year.

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