Monday, November 26, 2007

Making strides

Here's our girl getting more comfortable with pushing her wagon (you can see Isabelle getting into the act as well). Radio Flyer makes an excellent one for beginner walkers because it is heavy and has little clickers that help the wheels from going too fast. We've had this since the summer and for awhile, all Hannah would do is take a step or two with it and then either it would go out from under her or she would just stop walking and ask to do something else. Then we went through a stage where she would not even want to go near it or any other push toy, and only wanted to walk around holding onto our hands.

Finally about a month ago, she started to really get the hang of pushing it. This video doesn't really do her efforts justice; she can now make it across the length of the house at a pretty good clip without assistance. She drags her left foot and walks on her tiptoes, and it still gets out from under her sometimes, but she's moving forward on her own and that's just HUGE. We're so proud of her!


Lisa said...

Awww!!! Look at that! She looks awesome!

mom said...

Woo-hoo hanna! This is GREAT! I always thought the walkers were silly with those crazy fast wheeels -- like incentive to never dare try again after a good wipe out. Wish ours was a RF!

(And woo-hoo mama -- embedding video. I'm so impressed!)